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    Sherie Ellis Designs at Whispers of NaplesSHERIE ELLIS DESIGNS
    Sherie Ellis has been creating modern, expressive jewelry for the past twenty years. Sherie’s jewelry is inspired by her ever-changing surroundings and her love of life. Whether she’s enjoying a stroll on the beach, choosing the perfect rocks or shells, or relaxing on a trip to the Keys, these moments are somehow intertwined into her pieces. Each of her creations tells a story.

    Sherie specializes in simple classic pieces formed with Swarovski crystals while integrating sterling silver or gold fill chain.

    Pieces with her popular crystal hearts are what she is well known for. She also involves other icons such as turtles, starfish and dolphins, as well as pearls, wire wrappings and crosses. Sherie can customize any piece, as your heart desires.

    Those who are lucky enough to have embarked upon Sherie and her jewelry are rewarded with not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, or two, but an inspirational feeling that they can proudly spread purely by wearing and displaying for the world to see. Let Sherie light up your life! View Sherie Ellis Designs here